CouchBot Install Guide

Quick Video Guide

In order to have CouchBot stay on your server, you will need to sign up to Patreon and whitelist your server. To do this follow the guide below;


This must be done if you wish to use CouchBot!

  1. Sign up to one of the Patreon tiers!
  2. Link your Patreon to your Discord account
  3. Join the support server to start adding your servers
  4. Add your Mixer, Picarto, Twitch or YouTube Channels:
!cb mixer YourMixerName #ChannelName
!cb picarto YourPicartoName #ChannelName
!cb twitch YourTwitchName #ChannelName
!cb youtube YourYouTubeChannelID #ChannelName vod
!cb youtube YourYouTubeChannelID #ChannelName live
!cb youtube YourYouTubeChannelID #ChannelName both


To get your YouTube Channel ID see this guide. It’s 24 characters long and starts with UC. Alternatvely, use !cb ytidlookup command.

  1. Finally, tell CouchBot if its allowed to post live and published
!cb allow published (to allow/disallow published content)
!cb allow live (to allow/disallow live content)



If you have any issues, please check the permissions assigned to the channel and bot.