Welcome to CouchBot’s documentation!


You’ve seen other bots like this I’m sure - Have Discord server, setup bot, bot announces when you go live. But do other bots have loose springs? Maybe a nacho cheese stain or two? And what is that smell..?? Yes, that is unique.

Getting Started

Quick Start

You can jump straight into the Requirements

CouchBot’s main feature set includes:

  • Stream Announcing (across all major streaming platforms)
  • Role Hoisting
  • Greeting/Welcome Message (fully configurable)
  • Custom Live Messages (DLive, Glimesh, Picarto, Piczel, Trovo, Theta, Twitch, & YouTube)
  • Beautiful Embeds
  • VOD Publishing
  • Seperate announcements for owners!
  • Automatic Twitch announcements when going live
  • Can configure the offline message or delete the announcement once finished!