Twitch Setup


Please ensure you have read through the Basic Config before moving to this section This avoids issues such as the bot not announcing anyone.

Twitch is by far the most popular streaming platform in the world at the time of this writing. Being the market leader, it has some integrations which make announcing in Discord much easier to setup en mass.

Live Discovery


This requires that there is No Custom Status set and the person streaming has the “Purple Dot

CouchBot has the ability to automatically discover people in your Discord server that are streaming to Twitch. This is done via the purple “Streaming” indicator on a persons profile when they stream using OBS or similar triggering Streamer Mode on Discord.

The following table shows the only steps needed to configure this for immediate use in your server;

Basic Live Discovery Setup
Name Example Usage
/channel live /channel live #discord-channel This channel will be where Discovery announcements go.
/discovery /discovery enable Allows the automatic announcing of people with the status of “Streaming”.

You can also limit the people that will be announced using assigned roles or you can switch this feature off completely;

Advanced Live Discovery Setup
Name Example Usage
/discovery /discovery disable Prevents the automatic announcing of people with the status of “Streaming”.
/discovery /discovery enable role: @Streamer Allows the automatic announcing of people with the status of “Streaming” and the role of @Streamer.

Finally, Live Discovery also allows you to assign a “Live Now” type role to creators allowing you to hoist them to show current live users in your server. The role will only be added when they are Live then Removed when they are finished automatically. The command for this feature is as follows;

Live Discovery Roles Setup
Name Example Usage
role live /role live role: @RoleName Assigns a role when people go live.
role live reset /role livenone Reset the server join role to nothing.

Manually Add Creator(s)

Manually adding creators allows a fine grained level of control over who is announced in your server and allows things such as custom announcements and channels to be selected giving much more options on who should be announced and where. This is particularly useful on a creators server where they may want to use @here to announce when they are live but not for anyone else.

For more information on custom messages please see Custom Announcements


To remove a creator, run the command again!

Manual Twitch Setup
Name Example Usage
twitch /twitch creator: MattTheDev channel: #discord-channel Adds a creator be announced