Role Assignment

CouchBot is capible of assigning roles based on specific criteria such as a user joining the server or typing a phrase in Discord. This provides oppertunitys such as typing “I Love Streams” to get pinged when a creator goes live etc.


If you are assigning roles, make sure the bot is above the role it is supposed to assign.

If you want Discord users to be assigned a role when they join your Discord server then the following commands will do this for you.

Server Join Commands
Name Example Usage
role join !cb role join @RoleName Assigns a role when people join your server.
role join reset !cb role join reset Reset the server join role to nothing.

For a typed phrase to assign roles that can be done by the users themselves, see below;

Phrase Role Commands
Name Example Usage
role add !cb role add "CouchMe" [add/remove] @RoleTheyGet Adds/Removes a role when someone types “CouchMe
role remove !cb role remove "CouchMe" Removes the command “CouchMe”

Reaction Roles are also available to use should you find that easier to implement on your server;

Reaction Role Commands
Name Example Usage
rm !cb rm @Streamer :thumbsup: Please react to get the Streamer role! Adds/Removes a role when someone adds a reaction to the :thumbsup: emoji.”

The final role option available is tied to Twitch only and assigns the person who is live an additional role only when they are live. Please see Twitch Info for further information on this role.