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Bot Required Permissions

When CouchBot joins your server he should request all the necessary permissions when prompted to join. To ensure that CouchBot can function fully on your server, please ensure all of the following permissions are granted to his server role:

  • Manage Roles (For Live Discovery / Role Assignment)
  • Read Text Channels (For ALL Functionality)
  • Send Messages (For ALL Functionality)
  • Manage Messages (For DeleteOffline Functionality)
  • Embed Links (For ALL Functionality)
  • Read Message History (For ALL Functionality)
  • Mention Everyone (For Ping Functionality)

If you are having issues you can use the following commands to help in identifying where they are.


Ensure the channel also has the correct permissions to allow CouchBot to post!

Name Example Usage
ping /ping Should provide a “pong” response.
permissions /permissions channel: #ChannelName Checks the bots permissions in the channel.