Custom Commands

Custom commands allow a versatile way for you to have the bot respond to different terms. This could be used to advertise your Twitter, display your Discord invite or have the bot ping someone!

Custom Commands
Name Example Usage
command add !cb command add "CouchMe" 5 "You have been Couched!" Creates a command called CouchMe with a 5 second cooldown that replies “You have been Couched!”
command remove !cb command remove "CouchMe" Removes the command, in this instance CouchMe.
command list !cb command list [page #] Displays a list of the current commands you have programmed. Page # is optional, defaults to 1.


This provides basic moderation actions that can be used via the bot;

Moderation Commands
Name Example Usage
kick !cb kick @MattTheDev#0001 Kicks the user from the server.
ban !cb ban @MattTheDev#0001 Bans the user from the server.
echo !cb echo Matt is Great! Gets the CouchBot to repeat the text you specify.

Misc Commands

Use the following commands to configure and view various other bits and bobs.

Name Example Usage
/info /info Brief stats overview of the bot.
/invite /help Display an output of common places to find help with the bot.
/invite /invite Sends you a message with the bot invite.
config list /config Displays the bots configuration.
clone !cb clone #ChannelClone All notifications go in here. You can use this command to clone a channel and pin the message you specify.
prefix !cb prefix - Using the command like this will change your prefix to -

Purge (Delete) Messages

Sometimes you may wish to clear channels, messages or just messages from specific people to help in the effective moderation of you server. To accomplish this you can use the following commands.


You must have Manage Messages permissions to run this command! Once run, you will be unable to restore deleted messages.

Name Example Usage
/purge /purge Deletes 100 messages in the current channel.
/purge count /purge count 25 This would purge 25 messages in the current channel.


The following commands have no confirmation and will execute when run.

Creator Purge
Name Example Usage
creators purge !cb creators purge Removes all manually added creators from announcing.
creators purge !cb creators purge twitch Removes all manually added creators on Twitch from announcing, works for all platforms.