Example Setup


In these scenarios, we have already followed the Installation Guide and have the correct Permission structure. We will use MattTheDev as the streamer account and #notification as the Discord channel to announce in.

Scenario 1

Announcing only the Server Owner going Live with an everyone ping.

A lot of people just want a bot to announce them going live. CouchBot can do this! We start by allowing the bot to announce live streams then adding our creator. We then tell the bot to ping the everyone role and allow it to do so.

!cb allow live
!cb twitch MattTheDev #notification
!cb role ping everyone
!cb allow liveping

Scenario 2

Announcing people automatically without adding individually.

Rather than adding people manually one by one, you can have the bot automatically pick up people in your server. This drastically reduces the setup time and eases the setup process for you. First, you allow the bot to push live announcements then set the default channel. Then tell it to find anyone with the streaming status and your done!


The streamer has to have the status “Streaming” to be automatically announced.

!cb allow live
!cb channel live #notification
!cb allow livediscovery all

Scenario 3

Automatically announce a specific role going live

Let’s say you want anyone with the role VIP to be automatically announced. To do this, you would allow the bot to push Live and tell it the channel it should be posting in. All that’s left to do is tell it what role it should announce as live!


The streamer has to have the status “Streaming” to be automatically announced.

!cb allow live
!cb channel live #notification
!cb allow livediscovery role @VIP

Scenario 4

Owner announced separately from anyone else

Some servers may with to have the owner or other “VIP” types announced seperatly from the rest. To accomplish this we allow live then add the streamers as needed specifiying the channel they should be announced in.

!cb allow live
!cb twitch MattTheDev #ownerchannel
!cb twitch Jaymei #otherchannel

Scenario 5

YouTube VOD and Live announcements to different channels

We start by allowing the bot to push both live and published content. As the commands are a toggle it will respond with the new setting. We then add the youtube channel using it’s “ChannelID” and specify the channel it should post to along with whether we want it to be Live or VOD. It is also possible to leave blank for them to go the the same channel or use the argument “both”.

!cb allow live
!cb allow published
!cb youtube UC123456 #livechannel live
!cb youtube UC123456 #publishedchannel vod


You may wish to configure some custom messages with CouchBot to let your server know your live or maybe just to greet a new user. The following commands will show you how!

Scenario 1

Setup hello and goodbye messages


You can use the arguments %USER% and %RANDOMUSER%

!cb allow greetings
!cb allow goodbyes
!cb channel greetings #channel-name
!cb channel goodbyes #channel-name
!cb message greeting "Your Custom Greeting Message"
!cb message goodbye "Your Custom Goodbye Message"

Scenario 2

Custom going live message

So you feel like putting something a bit more personable in the message? You can use the following;


You can use the arguments %TITLE%, %GAME%, %CHANNEL% or %URL%

!cb message live "Your Custom Live Message"
!cb message published "Your Custom VOD Message"